Counting Days

We are counting the days till our re-opening on Thursday, November 29. The strawberry plants are looking great, and we have already trimmed blossoms and immature berries from two of our four cultivars. This will allow the plants a little more time to “green up”, which means bigger fruit and a more plentiful harvest. We will probably apply a blossom booster next week .


Strawberry plants are “greening up”

The pine bark we added to the medium is beginning to release acid as we hoped it would.    pH levels are optimum for strawberry production. We are in the process of adding the pine bark to the blueberries as well.

Due to our attention being on seeding and planting for the new season, the compost heap has disappeared beneath a lush carpet of flowers and other vegetation. I’m not really sure what to do with that, but it sure is pretty.

What happened to the compost heap?

What happened to the compost heap??

Just a few details left before we open for the 2013 season; frost cloth has to be repositioned and plastic has to be installed on the seed tunnels. I’ve been a little anxious about seed germination rates on the lettuce, but the recent cool snap seems to have remedied that.

We can hardly wait until the 29th. It will be so good to have the public back on the farm again! It’s been lonely without them.

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