BerryStacks Season 2 Premiers November 29! (Sneak Preview)

Having reached the end of a grueling Florida summer, we are gearing up for what we most love; providing a fun place for folks to forage for fresh, delicious food! The strawberry plants are letting us know how happy they are by growing profusely. Sugar snap and snow peas will be climbing the stacks in no time. Chard and kale are maturing rapidly, and lettuces are breaking ground. Shade covering has been removed from the field, and clean-up from the late summer monsoon is progressing nicely.

In addition to the Strawberry Festival and Camarosa strawberries we produced last year, we are introducing two new cultivars; Albion (an early producer,) and Camino Real (preferred by chocolatiers for its long stems that are good for dipping!)

We have created a “Berr-0-meter” for the website, that will let folks know what the ripe berry count is in the field for a given weekend. This will be posted in the side bar on the “What’s Available” page.

Lettuces will consist of our old stand-bys, Romaine, Red Sails, Bibb, and Mesclun Mix, with a new twist; we will be offering the option of tender baby lettuces, cut from their trays before your eyes, for  ready-to-eat salads!

Our winter peas are Oregon Sugar Pod II, and Super Sugar Snap, both known for their great taste, heavy production (two pods per stem,) and disease resistance.

In response to requests by our patrons, we are adding numbered row markers, to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

We have found a St. Augustine family who is producing raw honey, and has agreed to supply us! They are being mentored by a very old gentleman who has been keeping bees all of his life.

We will continue to carry old-fashioned soda pop and locally made sauces. Our jam and jelly supplier has added some new flavors, so we now have fig jam and pumpkin butter.

There are plans to dress up the store front a bit; those will become evident as they unfold. 🙂

All in all, it’s shaping up to be an exciting season!

Lacinato Kale

A new variety of kale will be available, in addition to the curly type we grew last year.


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