Lesson Learned

Veteran Florida farmers we met over the last year all told us, “We don’t even try to grow anything in the summer here.” After weeks and weeks of fighting high heat, hot nights, stifling humidity, and bugs in numbers rivaling the plagues of ancient Egypt, we concur. The hope that hydroponic growing might be different is but a fading memory.

September, which would normally be spent seeding, planting strawberry plugs, and implementing new ideas for the up-coming season, will be a busy month. In addition to seeding and planting strawberry plugs, our focus is on doing the deep clean-up and sanitation tasks that would better have been tackled during July and August. Warp speed doesn’t begin to describe the rate at which this must be accomplished.

On a lighter note, we have decided to make broccoli our experiment for this season. We have spoken with several hydroponic growers who have had great success with it. Another exciting change in the mix is our increased tomato production. We will have multiple varieties, and plenty of them.  There will also be flowers in the bottom planters, which we hope will give the field added color, in addition to attracting more pollinators.

We are looking forward to a late November opening; possibly earlier if the weather cooperates. More will be posted here as we progress toward that goal.

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