Tomatoes Hint at How Summer Should be Spent?

I’m scratching my head this week, trying to recall what possessed me to move to a sub-tropical climate. Heat stress is definitely affecting the tomatoes and peppers. While healthy, they appear to be sitting quietly, with little or no desire to expend any energy. Perhaps we should take a lesson from them. Short of that, Alaska is looking really good right now.

That being said, the yellow squash and zucchini are in hog heaven, flowering like mad and beginning to produce fruit. If we can keep the pest levels down to a dull roar, we should have a nice crop in a few weeks.

A row of squash

Squash is in hog heaven.

The herbs are responding well to the shade covering, and we are taking some time to redo that area. Older plants are which are no longer viable are being removed, and new ones seeded. We will seed one stack of kale and one of chard as an experiment, to see whether it can survive in the shaded area.

Lavender and other herbs under shade covering.

Lavender and other herbs under shade covering.

We began cleaning out the misting lines today on the half of the field that will be planted with strawberry plugs in September.

Elf Sunflowers that were planted recently are in full bloom, and love the hydroponic system. They are a sight to behold. What fun it would be to plant the entire field with those!

Elf Sunflowers

Elf Sunflowers in all their glory.

We have ordered mister heads for the tunnels, and are looking forward to installing them with a timer so we no longer have to manually water the seedlings.

In the meantime, we’ll keep working toward an end-of-summer harvest, with an eye to the sky each day in the hope of afternoon thunder showers.   🙂


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