Our Favorite Time of Year (Not!)

Working in the field in 90+ degree temperatures is difficult. The black landscape fabric we use for ground cover magnifies the heat by 10 to 15 degrees. It is now too hot to work barefoot :-(.  It takes a lot of effort to stay hydrated and keep our electrolyte levels up. Even with frequent water breaks, some of us are suffering from headaches.

The plants are feeling it too. Tomatoes and tomatillos seem to like it, but beans and some of the herbs are struggling. We are now watering 6 times a day to compensate for increased evaporation, and to help keep the root systems cool. The lack of pests in the field is encouraging, as we expected to have been inundated by now. Good sanitation practices seem to count for a lot.

We have ordered a new nutrient mix for our upcoming season, based upon a detailed water analysis, and are excited about what it will do for the plants.

The zinnias J planted in the ground along the field side of the farm store are getting ready to bloom. It will be good to have them prettying up the place :-).

Shawna is keeping the veggies picked so they will keep producing, and so we have a few things in the farm store for seasonal open hours. We brought in a nice order of jams and jellies last week to compliment that.

The next few weeks will be spent focusing on one task at a time. We know what has to be done; now we just have to walk it.

Recovering old medium to save for seeding

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