A Trickster Strikes

Upon arrival at the farm this morning, we found the farm store in disarray. Melons had been tossed out of the large bin (outside) and onto the ground, the cash register and scales had been slid across the counter, the cooler doors were ajar, and baskets, bags, and almost everything else were all over the place.

A quick inventory showed nothing to be missing, which ruled out theft. Assuming we had been vandalized, we proceeded to clean up.

Manager Robert, being the thorough man he is, and a lover of mysteries, went for a wider assessment of the area. Imagine his surprise when he noticed the large billboard at the edge of the farm on I-95 had been ripped away, including the framework!

Chuckling to himself, he informed us we had been victims of the greatest trickster of all… Mother Nature! We do not yet know what time the rogue wind (microburst?) occured, but video surveillance has thus far confirmed it was sometime after dark.

I am curious as to how the wind managed to toss melons out of the bin and open the cooler doors (which are sliders), but am happy not to have been a fly on the wall!

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