First Planting

Certified disease free strawberry plugs from Luc Lareault Nursery had been ordered several months prior, to be delivered in a refrigerated tractor trailer.

The truck with the strawberries arrived a couple of hours ahead of schedule. We scrambled for all the hands we could get, and unloaded over 24,000 plants in the pouring rain. The driver was very young, and unsure of where our order stopped and the next one began. Consequently, we RE-loaded quite a few plants in the pouring rain.

We wanted to get the plugs into their planters as quickly as possible. Flea market and farm owner John Alexon, his wife, and his daughter helped, along with farm and flea market staff and management. When the work was done, it was a site to behold, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

The irrigation/nutrient system was turned on, and we were off and running!

The next few weeks were spent tweaking the irrigation, and seeding thousands of planters with lettuce, chard, kale, and herbs. A fence was erected, and the “barn” evolved into what would soon be a farm store.


(To be continued)

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