In the Beginning

BerryStacks Farm was built during July and August of 2011, on the grounds of the Saint Augustine Flea Market. The vision for the farm came from owner John Alexon, who came up with the idea as a way to introduce more foot traffic to the flea market. Little did he know…

We had a lot of visitors during the construction phase. Flea market customers, vendors, and travelers on I-95 popped in every weekend with a million questions. We answered them all to the best of our collective abilities. This was a challenge, since we had barely entered the learning curve from standard growing to hydroponics.

One of the up sides to all the questions was that it forced us to do our homework. We are grateful to everyone who stopped in and asked, “What is hydroponics’“?…or “What can you grow here”?…or “how does the irrigation system work”?

The weather was beyond hot, and the guys had to work hard to stay hydrated. Day’s end would provide just enough time and energy left to swallow some supper before collapsing into a coma-like sleep, which never seemed enough.

Week after week they toiled, setting stacks into place, hauling bags of medium, and saturating it before using it to fill the planters. At last, one week before the strawberry plugs were due to arrive, the work was done!

(T0 be continued)

An Empty Hydroponic Farm

The farm

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